18 Ways to Earn Gift Cards Online

A gift card is a stored-value money card. It is not actual cash but good as cash. People also refer to it as a gift voucher or gift certificate. You can use it to make purchases at physical or online stores and other business establishments. Like actual money bills, gift cards widely circulate and pass hands. You can turn your gift card into money by selling it at its actual monetary value or have the value transferred to your PayPal or bank account. Some who wish to make instant cash may opt to sell their personal gift cards at discounted prices.

Did you know that besides cash, you can also earn gift cards online? Following are 18 opportunities for you to explore:

  1. Sign up for paid surveys.

Here at looslipped.com, you can earn gift cards by filling in paid surveys. If you want a faster payout, make sure to complete your profile and participate in surveys regularly.

  1. Sign up for paid web browsing.

Some websites earn you gift card credits just to use their home page for browsing the Internet. Make sure you earn the credits you deserve by logging into your account or downloading the official browser, or by installing the required plug-in.

  1. Sign up for exclusive or membership shopping.

Many shopping sites have loyalty perks for members who shop. Consider getting your usual items from a particular seller online and in store. Your purchases will earn you gift cards points which you can convert to cash or store purchase credits.

  1. Sign up for email advertisements.

Some marketing companies invite consumers to willingly register for company advertisements. You register your email address and earn gift cards points by clicking the emails and reading the advertising link. Some give instant gift card credit when you simply open the email.

  1. Sign up to watch videos.

You can earn gift cards online by signing up to watch videos. Some require you to register and access the video lists within the site. Others send you links for clicking via email. Click and watch in order to earn gift card credits.

  1. Play online games and download game apps.

Play games and earn gift cards while having fun. The points may come in and add up slowly but what do you have to lose? If you love gaming and earning money, prioritize playing those games which offer gift cards in return for patronizing their product.

  1. Enter free competitions.

If you spend a lot of time online, then you can scout for free competitions that reward participants with free gift cards. You can find them by searching online. You can also see them on social media pages. Often, you need to enter your e-mail to qualify. Some contests also just require you to share the post and tag another user in order to qualify.

  1. Collect coupons.

Newspapers, online magazines, shop catalogues or newsletters and other promotional mailings have coupon inserts from time to time. Collect these coupons and choose what you can use. Usable coupons are purchase discounts, gift cards, rebates and more.

  1. Register for product presentations.

Some websites list product presentation events you can sign up for online. Your mere attendance can earn you gift cards and other certificates. There are free accommodation and free pocket money for travels or shopping use. Some gift cards give you price deductions on purchases and more.

  1. Switch to better credit cards and debit cards.

Many credit card and debit card companies feature rebates or gift card points for every purchase you charge to your credit card or debit card. You can access joining links online. Check your current provider for this feature and consider switching providers, especially if you prefer charging most expenses to your cards.

  1. Enter for online sweepstakes.

There are several legitimate sweepstakes and instant game sites that guarantee gift cards when you win.

  1. Join Amazon MTurk.

Register for an account and work on HITs (Human Intelligence Task) for Amazon. This earns you gift cards which you can convert into cash credit for your Amazon purchases.

  1. Register as a product tester online.

It is common for companies to reward product testers with cash or gift cards. Sign up for the service to try out products or services. Sign up to download apps and give feedback on the interface. All these can earn you gift cards online.

  1. Join an online multi-company rewards club.

There are rewards clubs that carry an abundance of brands. Any shop you make can earn you gift cards as long as the brand is on their list. Simply upload a receipt or a photo of yourself with the item in order to validate your purchase and get your gift card credits.

  1. Register for shop loyalty rewards online.

There are things you regularly buy and consume. There’s petrol and there are grocery items. Signing up for loyalty rewards with the grocery and petrol station you frequent will save you money in the long run. Each purchase amount gets credit points which accumulate and qualify you for a gift card. You may choose to use the value for in store purchases. Some companies allow you the option of a money transfer to your bank or PayPal account.

  1. Refer friends to products and services.

The referral program is not a new business marketing tool. There are many companies who offer gift cards in exchange for referrals. Just key in a friend’s email address on a sign-up page to get your credit.

  1. Join an affiliate program online.

Some companies give product users an opportunity to make some money from using company products. You can sign up for a user account and get paid with gift cards just to promote their company buttons and product thumbnails on your website or social media page.

  1. Sign up for online memberships.

it is easy to sign up as a new member at different company sites. These give you gift cards as a reward in the form of freebies with your first purchases. The gift cards may also contain a pre-stored amount that counts towards your first purchase.

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